Hi,just wanted to say thank you again for Kobe (Zephyr) the best dog ever,he is such a good dog,the kids love playing with him and he’s my little lap dog. He’s made are family complete. Thank you!!!.
Alexandar Jennifer
Miami, FL
HI from L.A. from little boy KLARK. He is doing great and his new family love him.
Jane Diane
Los Angeles,CA
She is doing so good! Tracy is such a smart loving puppy. Lovely baby girl TRACY lives in Philadelphia area with her new family. Everybody loves her!! She is an amazing puppy. THANK YOU!!!.
Danny James
Philadelphia, PA
Deep down from my heart, i say thank you. I know all pet parents feel this way, but I got the BEST puppy. This puppy is equal parts curious spunky playing puppy and puppy trying to do all she can to focus her cute desire to please her family. Many stars to the breeder. Our puppy was everything we expected and more! We lover her! But the communication was poor after the sale as we waited for her to arrive. Travel was messed up and sales rep seemed to not care as much as he did when he was making the sale. I would recommend with some reservation. In the end we did get what we were looking for
George Matthew
New south wales
We highly recommend that you buy from here. very professional and helpful service they rendered to us. Would use their services again. My puppy arrived home safe and sound, just like they assured me. seriously i can’t thank them enough. They answered all my questions and the breeder was very helpful as well.My kids are supper happy as well and this little boy has been a wonderful addition in to our lives. I sincerely hope that you continue with this spirit and give pet lovers the very best they deserve. thanks.
Mr. Derrick Gibson
Richmond, VA
We felt they were very professional and reputable as far as breeders they truly are. They were very informed about the business and answered all my questions and concerns to the fullest and in return I received a healthy, beautiful puppy of my choice with all his papers. From the moment I saw the puppy I wanted, until I picked her up, I had the best service. All my questions were answered no matter how many times I emailed them. The whole process went smoothly. My baby came as promised and I am still in touch with them on daily basis to help care for my puppy.
Aimee Chanttelle
Melbourne, VICTORIA
I appreciate them a lot since they maintained communication until payment was finalized and a travel date was established. Every day I received an email and/or phone call asking if I had questions or if I needed anything. After I brought my new addition home I received phone calls asking how he was doing. I have already recommended this site to friends and anyone who will listen.wonderful people with beautiful pups, they went over and above my needs. I have recommended them to many friends and other family members too.
Ashleigh Wong
Wellington, New Zealand
Our puppy arrived and he was absolutely perfect and healthy. The process was swift and easy, i was able to easily reach customer service and they helped us chose the perfect companion for our family. Clark was knowledgeable and aiming to please. The travel was awesome they did everything they could to rectify the situation with minimal delay. they brought the pup right up to our house and we just had to sing some few paper works and got a hold of him. so much love in the air as we speak to you now.
Amanda Edwards
Perth, WA
We felt they were very professional and reputable as far as breeders they truly are. They were very informed about the business and answered all my questions and concerns to the fullest and in return I received a healthy, beautiful puppy of my choice with all his papers. From the GIGI is celebrating the 1 BIRTHDAY!!! HAPPY B-DAY to you sweat big girl!!! update from February the 2nd.2020.We love her ,thank you so much we have all paperwork . GiGi is the most precious.Thank you again for all you do. Sending us so much love❣️.
Michael Paulsin
Woodbridge, NJ
Everyone, I talked to seemed knowledgeable about what each step. Some reviews about their experience with broken crates or sick animals made me worried a bit, but our Puppy arrived on time as promised and was in a nicely secured crate. All paperwork in order. She had urinated and pooped in the crate, but which dog wouldn't. Took her to the vet the next day and was told she looks great. She has a wonderful temperament and very much healthy as well. she has been a source of happiness since her arrival and the constant checks from the sellers has been encouraging as well.
Mr and Mrs Davina
Ontario Canada
The entire process was great. from initially finding Lucy to follow-up after we received her. Thanks would definitely recommend your services to friends. We had a very pleasant experience. Very helpful and knowledgeable concierge. The travel team was great. Customer service was lax in returning calls, though. Left several message with no call back. But we got replies from them via email with several apologies to that effect. feels great to buy form those who know the value of pets in general and also appreciate customers interests. Our puppy is a great addition to our family. we feel great and we are happy we got into contact with you guys.
Mr Komail Ali
NSW Sydney, Australia
We picked up our puppy from the airport as we couldn't wait to meet her soonest. They had her Health information and her AKC registration papers. She was perfect. Had her first check-up with our vet and she was just perfect. She did have worms, but had been receiving treatments which we have continued with. She weighed 11 lbs/ at her transfer visit to the vets. She now weighs 19 lbs/8 oz. She is having fun learning to get along with three adult cats. We love her quick whit and abundance of energy. We are so happy with all teacup puppies for sale online shop for giving us the long awaited opportunity of owing our our little cute puppy. They walked me through the whole process; gave me information along the way; and overall provided a wonderful experience we can never forget in a hurry.
Mr and Mrs Pozong
Baltimore, MD